Greetings, Internet Traveler. Come in, sit down. Relax. Stay a while.

A brief introduction: I am a North Carolina-based writer and mariner who explores questions about nature, sublimity, and people. I write about the different ways our species interacts with oceans and rivers, the pervasive strangeness of life in the digital age, and the cultural cognitive dissonance between the cyberspace our minds occupy and the tangible, natural, still-wild world of three dimensions that our bodies inhabit.

My first book, Going Aloft (about my experiences sailing with one of the last true adventurers, Reid Stowe, a world-record-holding man who went to sea for 1,152 days nonstop without resupply or coming in sight of land), is being published serially in encore magazine twice a month during 2016. I write the On The Water column for Salt magazine, the monthly literary publication of Wilmington, North Carolina. And starting this winter, I am beginning  work on my second book: an attempt to tell the story of a nearby island and nature preserve I have learned and loved. To map how its face changes through the year, to look into its past, to predict its future. To explore how the challenges facing this small sliver of wilderness relate to the world beyond.

Links to my work are provided on the blog, for you to read at no cost for your pleasure. If you enjoy it, however, I do have a Patreon page and would be happy to accept donations. This page is an experiment in a sort of literary cyberbusking; your help makes it (and me) work.

I genuinely hope you enjoy what you find here. Thanks for visiting.

“Writing is the thread which sews time and truth together.” — Going Aloft, Chapter 2


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