New Essay in Encore Magazine: CFPUA Announces Rebrand; GenX remains a problem in the Cape Fear River

Hi all,

So first of all, the big news: my wonderful editor at Encore, Shea, asked me last week if I might like to start contributing to the magazine on a weekly basis. Of course I said yes. My column will focus on local news, the environment, and politics, as seen through the eyes of yours truly in my own neo-Gonzo/New Journalism style. This means you can expect to see weekly updates of fresh new creative nonfiction, in addition to the monthly posts of longer-form essays in Salt. Unfortunately, this also means my Ray Bradbury short story challenge has moved down several rungs on my priority ladder. I’ll still try to write and post them when I have free time, but to be honest, it probably won’t be weekly. As I’ve said before, I’m primarily a writer of creative nonfiction. But it was fun while it lasted.

Anyways, this newest essay is about Wilmington’s local water supplier, Cape Fear Public Utility Authority, as it undergoes a rebranding process into Cape Fear Water. As this happens, though, the problem with GenX in the Cape Fear River continues to be a major issue (for those unfamiliar with this, please read the cover story I wrote last June, viewable here). This story is far from over, and I plan to see it through until the end – until Chemours and DuPont are brought to justice and made to clean up the mess they’ve made in our public rivers, oceans, and drinking water.

Read the new essay here. Next week: a dispute between local oyster farmers and wealthy homeowners on the adjacent land. Stay tuned, folks.

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