New Essay in Encore: Oyster Feud Behind Masonboro Island

Hi all, Some of you may remember that I wrote a story for Salt Magazine towards the end of last year about local oyster farmer Tom Cannon, who had just started an oyster farm in the pristine waters of Masonboro Sound (if you haven't read it yet, you can do so here). Unfortunately, Tom's farm … Continue reading New Essay in Encore: Oyster Feud Behind Masonboro Island

Terrapin Tally

Last weekend I had the pleasure of becoming a Citizen Scientist at the local wild place which I love most: Masonboro Island. I got to ride along in a kayak (okay, paddle along) with two actual scientists from the NC Coastal Reserve; together we observed the waters for any sign of Diamondback Terrapins, the only truly … Continue reading Terrapin Tally

Essay Featured in Eno Magazine

And now, a small hiatus from Going Aloft. I am happy to announce that my essay, One Year on Masonboro Island, has been published by Eno Magazine, and is the featured essay of their fifth volume. Eno is the student-run magazine of the Nicholas School of the Environment at Duke University, and has been putting … Continue reading Essay Featured in Eno Magazine