Down the River, To the Sea

A few months ago, I single-handed my sailboat all the way down the river I live on to where it meets the mighty Atlantic. There, I spent a peaceful night at anchor, watching the world revolve around me. When I wrote about it, I didn't know that that feeling of aloneness would become a daily … Continue reading Down the River, To the Sea

2018 Ray Bradbury Challenge #4: Red Sky in the Morning

So this week I'm cheating a little bit and uploading a story I revised this week, but the first draft of which I wrote last fall. I had two nonfiction deadlines this week that took up most of my time, and I'm sorry to say that the Challenge got put on the back burner. But … Continue reading 2018 Ray Bradbury Challenge #4: Red Sky in the Morning

Going Aloft, Chapter 22

Boatyard, as defined in the yellowing pages of my Webster's New World dictionary, is a noun which means "a place where boats are built and repaired." This is mostly true, but of course a real boatyard serves a larger purpose than that. It's a gathering place for people and vessels from all over the world, … Continue reading Going Aloft, Chapter 22