My work has appeared in encore magazine, Salt magazine, Eno magazine, Devour magazine, and The Place Where You Live online department of Orion magazine. I have also appeared in the essay collections Fighting for an Audience (2013, The Publishing Laboratory- UNCW) and …some kind of record… (2010, Blurb Publishing).

I am currently working on my first full-length creative nonfiction book, working title Going Aloft. This story is an intimate portrait of my experience sailing with a modern-day heroic figure (Capt. Reid Stowe, sailor and adventurer, who holds the world record for longest sea voyage in history), but it is equally a story about personal growth and coming of age, about being struck by love, about how perceptions of people change over time and with experience, about traveling to new places, and about observing the habits of the wealthy in the land of the destitute as an outsider.

It all takes place in a natural world where the beautiful is balanced by the terrifying to paint a realistic view of life at sea, sailing on a traditional gaff-rigged old boat in the age of the Internet. It’s a world where danger hides unseen behind each wave, where things don’t go according to plan and we are forced to improvise, and in those moments we discover that hope and beauty and magic still exist in the physical world. It is, in short, an adventure.

Here are some links to my work.

Featured Essay in Eno Magazine, Volume 5